Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday America!

I get to work today, but I am okay with that because we get paid double time, and it will be very quiet today. Tomorrow is my regularly scheduled day off, and it will be C R A Z Y so I am glad I don't have to be there. Of course, they are offering $5 overtime, so I will go for a couple of hours probably. Working one hour of overtime per day is not that bad, and it sure does make a difference in the paycheck.

Last night was Logan's Independence Day celebration. The DD and I went out to Hyde Park to spend the evening with some friends. We had grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, some great guacamole, and wonderful homemade peppermint ice cream. I was so stuffed! Then we parked ourselves in the driveway and waited for dark. We could see the fireworks show going on at the stadium from where we were, and it was very nice. Then the kids had all their fountains and sparklers that they lit off as well. It was a fun evening and I am glad we went.

Knitting news: I have finished RM's DD's poncho. It is very pretty. I still need to get a photo taken of it. I want to spend part of my day tomorrow getting that package all wrapped up and sent. I am ready to turn the heel on a second sock, and I am halfway down the foot on another first sock (the 75% merino/25% alpaca). As it will be quiet at work today, I'll bet I can get quite a bit done.

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