Friday, June 30, 2006

Finally a FO !!

Ai yi yi . .. . . I started these socks the end of April. As I've said before, I seem to have FSS. The second sock took me 10 days to complete. Why so long for just one sock, you ask? Well, that's because RM has Size Twelve Feet. Would you like to know how much yarn I had left after this pair of socks? Well I will tell you: exactly 10 feet of yarn. Approximately 3 meters. Want to see? Of course you do.
The yardstick and tape measure are there to show scale. And a better photo:
Aren't they pretty? That is Trekking XXL colour 51. Ever since RM told me he wants to go live in Costa Rica, I went looking for the perfect yarn for his first pair of socks. I blocked them for the purpose of the photo shoot, but I think that I will wash and dry them and send them fresh out of the dryer, so that he knows they are not something that has to be treated gingerly. These are to WEAR, not to look at. Still finishing up the Paris Loop Poncho for his DD. I am on the last skein, it should work up quickly, if I can devote time to it. I will work on it during our team meeting tomorrow, and if we get a LCV. Even though I have yummy new 75% merino/25% alpaca sock yarn with a sock half-done on the needles, I will finish the poncho!

Non-knitting news: none to report. My life has been Too Stressful to even think about, so all you get is knitting news. Going to Rexburg Saturday evening. Nephew's birthday party Sunday afternoon. Drive back to Logan Sunday night.

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Emma said...

Very pretty (but looong!) socks. Hope things get less stressful for you soon.