Thursday, June 08, 2006

Day off

I swear, my days off are busier than the days I work! Tuesday night after work we went up to Idaho. We stopped several times, so we didn't get there until midnight. But I got the yarn I need to finish my shawl, so I am happy about that.

I was supposed to get my hair done but my friend cancelled on me because her day turned out busier than she had expected it to. It will happen another time, it's not a big deal.

So I called my friend BT and we spent a few hours together. We ran a couple of errands, then we went to Rexburg's newest museum, devoted to flight. It is located in an aircraft hangar (appropriately) and although I know it sounds podunk, it was actually quite interesting. I took several photos which I've just downloaded off the camera onto the computer. That is DD, and yes, I took that picture like that On Purpose.
After that we went to lunch at a new restaurant. BT's son works there as a cook, and he came out to visit with us for a few minutes before it got busy. It was good food, the portions were huge. We all had to get to-go boxes. I ate the rest of mine in the car on the trip home at 9:30 pm.

Then we went up on campus (BYU-Idaho) to take BT's husband some lunch. We wandered around the gardens up there. A new building was built last year and about half the garden space was used, so the gardens are much smaller now. I think though that the school is focusing on the quality of the landscaping now rather than the quantity. I am sure it will just continue to improve.

Knitting news: I didn't get to the LYS in Idaho Falls. I wasn't feeling good in the afternoon so I laid down for a nap. I did call however, and I think that I will just wait for the next time I am up there to go. Also, I re-cast-on for Poncho #3. I found some size 35 needles on clearance at WalMart and I used those to cast-on then switched back to size 17 circs. And . . . . . there was a new chatter in DLBN chatroom last night! I want to give a shout-out to "knitter", owner of an LYS in Sacramento. She gave me some tips on improving my sock-knitting and I hope to see her back in chat soon. It was good to meet you! Also, a big get-well-soon to Whistler who is feeling not-so-good after a bout with stomach flu. Hope you are feeling better today.

Frans on TheDividingLine wants me to mention his show too. But he doesn't play Yes so I don't usually have my Winamp on for his show. The title of his show is Welcome to the Rogues' Gallery and he does play some cool stuff. The best part of Frans' show is the chatroom convo. If you get a chance, come check him out on Thursday nights at 9pm Mountain time.

Back to reality and three days of work. "If your parents are first cousins, press 11, and Tola will be right with you!"

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