Saturday, June 03, 2006


Shall I explain the title? Okay, I will.

I love prog music (that's progressive rock in case you're not familiar with that term) and I listen to an online radio station called TheDividingLine . My friend Whistler does an all-Jethro Tull program on Monday nights that I always listen to. Other DJ's have other themes they do. I usually listen some every night. Of course, if you know anything about me at all you'll know I am a HUGE Yes fan. My iPod is completely full of Yes and Jon Anderson music and I like it that way!

I went to Knitters' Night at the LYS tonight. I did Spinners' Night last night. I worked a lilbit on my drop spindle, and a lilbit on my two ponchos. I recently discovered on poncho #2 that I somehow did a whole row of knit when I was supposed to be purling, and I had a big ol' ridge where there shouldn't be one. Since I've already decided that this poncho is to be a birthday gift for my friend RM's DD, there was No Way I was going to leave that in, even though they wouldn't have known the difference, So I tinked awhile, and THAT was so frustrating . . . . so off to the frogpond I went. Now I'm casting it back on (110 stitches onto size 17 Addi Turbos) and listening to TheDividingLine.

Okay, I'm bored with that and I'm casting on the second Rodeo sock for my friend LS. She is coming over this week and I should probably have some progress made on it ya think?! Hope we have a low-call-volume meeting tomorrow as I need time to work on my stuff! My team leader said I can't knit while taking calls anymore (but I did it while he was on vaca for a week and my stats didn't suffer at all) so now I limit knitting to LCVs and pre-shifts. Can I tell you how even more frustrated this makes me??!! ARGH!!!!

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