Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday again

I like Sundays. It's one of my days off from work, so I can sleep in if I want to. And church doesn't start until 11am. And I never have anything planned for the rest of the day so I can just come home and do whatever I want to. It is lovely.

Having no DD at home this week, I actually made it to church mostly on-time. I arrived during the invocation, so I waited a moment before I walked into the chapel. I sat in the back row and commenced to work on RM's sock. Never again will I turn a heel with less than 15 minutes of un-interrupted time! I almost got lost and had to rip out the whole dang thing. But I persevered, and I am now 15 rows into the foot.

Sunday School was not my favourite topic: David and Bathsheba. I get so exasperated with the story because men are men, have always been men, and will always be men, forever and ever amen. ARGH!

Next Saturday I will take off from work at 4pm, and drive up to Idaho. BT said I could stay with her again. I would stay with my mother, but She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named is staying there. We are having my nephew's birthday party on Sunday so I will have to show up for that. But that doesn't mean I have to *talk* to her. Heck, I'll wear my sunglasses inside the whole time so I don't even have to look at her. I'll leave with DD about 6pm and come back to Logan.

Apparently it is traditional in Logan to have the community fireworks display on July 3, so after work on Monday, DD and I will go to a friend's house in Hyde Park to watch. I think that will be a whole lot of fun, I love fireworks. Beyond that, I am really not sure what is going on. I do need to try to communicate with MCM and see if I can make a trip to Chi-town very soon. He was in good spirits Friday morning, but I think he may have over-done because I didn't talk to him at all yesterday, and today I was only able to talk to him about 30 seconds.

Knitting news: I told most of it in an above paragraph. But I am also down to toe decreases on the first of a pair of ankle socks for myself. The yarn is blue/green DK weight (really too thick to be using 3.00 mm needles, but the size 3 needles I do have are 7" long and I really prefer 6" for socks. Besides, I like the points on Addi Naturas much better than on Clovers. I prefer the smoother finish, too. But Addis are $13 a set and I just don't have funding right now. I want to hurry and finish these socks because I bought yarn last week for another pair that I am so excited to use! I wish I had more knitting time for sure! I will post photos of RM's socks as soon as they are finished and blocked. The I will finish his DD's poncho and get a package ready to send. I am so behind it's not even remotely funny.

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