Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday Again

I love to read the blogs who post almost every day, but I know that I'll never be that committed to doing it. I am currently working at least 45 hours a week and trying to keep a somewhat clean house and normal relationship with my DD. But if I have the goal of posting once a week, and I can meet that goal 75% of the time, I will think well of myself.

First of all, I would like to thank my Kirks Folly Faery Swap Sister Believer2. I love Kirks Folly jewelry, and I have quite a large collection of it. The photo of me in the crown? That's a KF crown. Not the one I bought (but now I'm wishing that I had). A few weeks ago, one of the ladies on the Kirks Folly Forum (whichywomn) suggested that we have a Faery Swap. I signed up, and I have been having so much fun looking for little items to send to my Swap Sister (who shall remain nameless until she receives her package). I will admit that some of the things being lovingly packaged into her box were gleaned from the dollar store, but just because they didn't cost a lot of money doesn't mean they weren't chosen with care. Besides, where else are you going to find Fairly OddParents bandaids?
Isn't that just lovely? My Swap Sister Believer2 had this sent to me. It totally looks fresh, but it isn't! It's preserved somehow, and I hung it up in my living room, right over my Kirks Folly display I have there. It fits in so well, and I just love it, so thank you very much Believer2.
And this is my DD, modeling RM's DD's poncho. I finally got it and his socks mailed off last week, they should have been received by Saturday. I told him to take photos. He may not want to post his DD's photo, which is why I had my own DD model it. If he gives permission, then I'll post the photo that he takes. Again, this is NoBo brand yarn, bought at evil wally-world. As much as it pains me to shop there, we do not yet have a Target. And besides, Target doesn't have a crafts/fabrics department. *mleah*
And this is the display rack that my friend DF made for me to put my recycled-wool handbags on, down at Sweet Peas Natural Market. I approached the proprietess several weeks (months) ago about having a consignment corner of items that are locally-made that would appeal to those who would shop in an organic market. She seemed amenable, and I asked DF to make this for me. He brought it over last week Wednesday, and DD and I took it right over and filled it up. I am so excited about this, but we still need a sign, and some decent hang-tags. I am also going to be putting in my hand-crocheted cotton bags too. Not string-bags exactly, as these are made with Sugar n Cream cotton yarn, and quite small. Photo later, but these little bags have been quite popular with the girls at work. I've sold several to them, and also SheWhoWillNotBeNamed bought some off me last year. I wonder if she's destroyed them now?

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