Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Peed in the Woods!

Earthshattering, isn't it?

No, really . . . . . . this is Very Big for me, because I LOATHE ENTIRELY (quoting the Grinch here)

camping in any incarnation, including having to pee outside. This is because of 2 reasons:
A-- I've never been on a good camping trip in my life. Girls' Camp was traumatic, so much so that I never went back after my first year.
B-- When I was married, I was basically on a four-month camping trip, in a third world country. The very fact that I made it out alive still astonishes me.

But, if you're gonna hang with RP, then ya gotta learn to pee in the woods. The last time I was with RP in a place where I had to PITW, I ran across a rattlesnake. I was freaked out; he went and threw rocks at it.

I had So Much Fun today. We went up past Hardware Ranch and went riding on the Polaris Predator. He has been telling me for months how much fun this is, but I've been lamenting the fact that he sold the Jeep awhile back and bought the Predator. I only got to go in the Jeep once, but I had such a great time. And of course you already know how much I love to go in the pickup. But today, it was The Best Time Ever. The weather was perfect, warm but partly cloudy. Hardware Ranch is about 17 miles past Hyrum, and I think the trail we went on is a couple of miles past Hardware Ranch. We rode double, even though the Predator is really only a one-person machine. My arms are so tired from hanging on so tightly. We were up there for probably a couple of hours, and it was so amazing. Of course I forgot to bring the camera, I left it in the pickup. But trust me, it is very pretty. And I saw a couple of trees starting to get their fall colours, so in a few weeks we can look forward to seeing that. This photo was taken after the ride, but you can see the vehicle and the beginning of the trail that we took.
We got back to town and I took a 30 minute shower, trying to get all that dust off. For future reference, do not shower or put on clean clothes (except underwear) if the first big thing you are doing that day is riding. It's a complete waste of soap, shampoo, lotion, and makeup. Brush teeth, wash face, brush hair, and get dressed in yesterday's clothes. Trust me on this one.

At 5pm I left town to go over to his town, because his county fair was starting, and he had entered a photograph. He got a third-place ribbon (which is bogus, because I saw tons of other photographs that weren't as good with second-place and even first-place ribbons on them) and he was a lilbit disappointed. We wandered around the fair some, I got to see the sheepies, we couldn't find any goats. Here's RP with a friendly black sheep.
There was a whole building of chickens and bunnies, but only three Angoras in the whole bunch. Pretty lil guys, though. In the home-arts building I saw a very nice felted bag which had gotten a blue ribbon. But that was the ONLY knitted or crocheted item made with actual wool. Everything else was acrylic! It was disgusting to see all that time and effort put into something made with inferior materials. And I didn't see even one skein of hand-spun yarn, although I know there's a category for it. So very sad.

All in all, a really awesome and fun day. And now back to the real world tomorrow. Yesterday seemed to be all remote-control programming. I hope tomorrow isn't Searching for Satellite Signal day.

I told RP that I think all that bouncing around on the Predator may have bought me some extra time before I have to go see my friendly neighborhood chiropractor. I have a rib that is basically permanently out of place (a lil going-away present from the sperm donor) and it manifests as a constant shooting pain in my right scapula. My chiro is in Shelley Idaho, and when I can squeeze in a visit on my way to see my folks, I do. But it's been a long time since I've seen Dr Jed and I was getting to the point where I was going to have to plan a special trip up for an appointment. But I may be able to postpone it, or at least wait until I am already going up that way. Another reason to love the Predator!

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Gina said...

Hi i laughed a bit at this post but I know what you mean about wool. I went to a craft fair and a lady had beautiful bags knitted in proper wool and they were only about 20 odd pounds and i never bought one! i regret that. they were so soft and beautiful. felt so nice. not itchy or anything just nice. And they were so very light too.

Just a thought. I have an afghan hound.Logan. On the internet somewhere it says that you can use afghan hair sometimes mix it with proper wool, and spin it - do you fancy me sending you some of logans hair ( it is okay he is flealess i check regularly.)Only thing is i have no idea how much hair youwould need to spin - i would love to learn to spin - bet it must be a wonderful feeling.

just a thought! maybe i could order some Logan wool mits of you!lol.

take care, loads of hugs still.