Thursday, August 03, 2006

More craftiness

This is part of my efforts at dye day earlier this week.

In the original skein

And re-skeined

I love them both and I cannot wait to do more. I did one more thing, but it is still drying so as soon as I can photograph it I will.

Oh, and I now have 342 yds of spun and plied corriedale. I have probably 4 more ounces to spin and ply and then I will start looking for a pattern. I am leaning towards felted clogs.

I finished spinning and plying the rest of the Corriedale. I have 412 total yards. And just in case anyone thinks it's a good idea to wind your last bobbin into a center-pull ball and ply from that. Do Not Do It. Just don't. Very Bad Idea. I had a terribly off-balanced skein when I finished. It has straightened out with washing, but who knows what it will do when I knit with it? And I have 223 yards of dark brown lambswool all spun and plied. Maybe I'll make me some house snocks.

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