Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Three things . . . . . . .

. . . . . . have happened since August 6. These three things attest to me that MCM has indeed kept his promise to become my guardian angel.

And I would like to also publicly thank my Faery Swap Sister Believer2 (Linda) for the wonderful and lovely package of goodies that showed up a few days ago. Of course I didn't take a photo because we basically opened it all up and have begun devouring (figuratively speaking) it already. Next time I will show some restraint and document first! And Moonrose, I finished your gift, but I can't just send one little item, so I have to find some more Perfect Things to include. It won't be as big as last time, please understand that my mind has been elsewhere the past few weeks. And also, a big Thank-You to Gina, who has left some comforting comments.

Off tomorrow to spend time with RP out in the hills. It's getting to be fall, the time of year when I have this incredible, overwhelming urge to Be Somewhere Else as much as possible, trying to cram in eight thousand things before tons of snow and below-zero temps make that impossible. I want to go see the trains again, and Spiral Jetty, and other places I haven't seen yet.

Oh, and in case you didn't already know it, I am a heretic. (Sorry Mom, for all those curse-words I inflicted upon you this morning. But that crazy driver really had me convinced I was about to be Gone.) I sanded and shaped my Brittany birch DPNs. Both sets. It took surprisingly little time and I wish I had thought of doing it 4 months ago. I have HATED those cursed Brittanys from the first day I tried to use them. I thought they would be So Handy, being 5" long and all. . . . but the tips are too blunt for my liking (I LOVE the tips on my Addi Naturas) and the finish just drags the yarn down and so I have loathed using the lil buggers. But I am currently making some wristwarmers (out of some lovely 75/25% acrylic/wool Plymouth yarn that I got at the DI in a hella-big bag for four bucks) and the 7" long Clovers are just Too Big, and I don't own a set of Addi Naturas in size 5, and the Brittanys were just There, staring at me. So while I was trying to help the blind lady and her deaf husband program their new remote, I pulled my handy-dandy emory board out of my recycled-wool handbag and proceeded to circumcise afore-mentioned Brittany birch size 5 DPNs. And when I got home, I did the size 3's. I like them now. Not as much as Addi Naturas, but enough to actually use them. And that phone call? 47 minutes long. I finally took pity on her and sent a tech out at no charge to program her remote. DirecTV is going to be so glad I'm switching to a non-tech support team next week. I have never given this many credits in a MONTH as I have the last week doing tech support. And my team-lead . . . . . I'm old enough to be his mother. Yeah, I know. The main reason why I'm moving teams.

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recharge and energize yourself, sweet faerie~
thinking of you~k