Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mark Christopher Matura

6/14/56 - 8/6/06

Good night, good night....
Look at that moon shine so bright.
And tonight he smiles
Especially for you.

Sleep tight, sleep tight.
Know everything is alright.
And tonight I will be here
Watching over you.

Sweet dreams, sweet dreams.
It is never as real as it seems.
And in the morning when you wake up
I will be right here.

Sleep on, sleep on.
For no matter how dark or how long
It may seem that your night is
I will still be here.

So be still, be still
For you know that I always will
Tonight and forever
Be watching over you.

For tonight and forever, be watching over you.
So sleep, little darling, sleep on through.

I will be watching over you.


Gina said...

Tola, will light a candle for you and for Mark tonight. Hugs.Hugs across the ocean, thinking of you - Geanie

dogfaeriex5 said...

beautiful, sweet girl~
take care~