Friday, October 20, 2006

Lost Weekend

Well not really a lost weekend, but it happened a week ago and I'm just now getting around to talking about it.

Last Wednesday after SCA, the DD went home with Nana to get ready for Crown Tourney down in Provo. Thursday I got up early (for me) and drove to Idaho. Saw JN and BT and MB and KJ and of course my folks. Found a lovely dress to wear to the reception. I had brought one, but this one was way better. It has pink roses on it!

Friday I hung around the house, ran errands in town, saw BT again (she had hurt herself and had to stay home and couldn't go play with me) and also MB again. On a whim, I rang up AW and she was actually home! I stopped by and we got milkshakes at Arctic Circle and sat outside and talked. She has a new grand-baby that I got to admire.

Saturday my mom went with me to Idaho Falls and we did some shopping. Found a great pattern at the LYS. I can't tell you what it is, because it figures heavily into holiday gifts this year. I traded some lotion at Vicki's, but I apparently chose the wrong thing because it wasn't appreciated by the person I was hoping would like it. So a trip to Ogden is imminent, to trade it again.

Saturday night was the reception. I walked in, and immediately saw someone I know from work. Apparently she is the bride's sister! I also saw lots of my friends who live in JN's neighbourhood.

Sunday of course was church. Saw all the rest of my friends, and even made a new one! There is lovely lady who was teaching the Relief Society lesson who moved in after I left last year. If our paths had crossed earlier, I know we would have been friends. Another reason to look forward to going back to Idaho as often as possible. I do have to mention something that the youth speaker said: This young man has had many health challenges over his short 14 years. He recently had his second kidney transplant (his mom was the donor) and he has always been a very sweet and sensitive child. I remember one memorable Testimony Meeting where he got up and told us all "I love you back". I have always remembered that. So it was his turn to speak this past week. And I've heard him give his testimony enough to know that this is a talk you don't want to be sleeping through, and sure enough, he didn't disappoint. The topic was Agency, and he decided that his example would be comparing the high school kids who drink, and the ones who don't. According to him, it looks like the party-ers are the ones having the good time, and the ones who just take a date to the school dance are the boring ones. Not so, because the good kids will be tired in the morning, yes, but they will also have great memories. But if you're drunk, you don't remember anything! Anthony, I can't wait to see what you grow up to be.

After that great talk I had to get going, so I could get back on the road. Music and the Spoken Word was on the radio, and as I was driving along, the announcer stated that the next piece by the Choir and Orchestra would be Hurry Home. I always link certain phrases that I hear to titles of Yes songs, and I figured there had to be more than one song called Hurry Home, and there was no way that this was the Jon Anderson song I am so familiar with. But the next words out of his mouth were "by Jon Anderson" and I almost had a wreck! I stopped the car and just listened to the wonderful performance and marvelled that Somebody In Charge of what the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings, thought that a Jon Anderson song was worthy. It's something I have known for years, but to actually hear it happen was pure magic. Thank You to that person, and to the Choir and the Orchestra. You did an amazing job, and I wish I could find a recording of it.

Speaking of Jon Anderson, his third solo album Animation has finally been issued on CD. It's £15, plus shipping and as far as I know it's only available one place. Click on the YesWorld link in the sidebar for more info please. I hope it comes to Amazon because I have to have it. I have Olias of Sunhillow, I have mp3's of Song of Seven and Animation, but the ones from Animation are from a vinyl copy that had been converted. And we all know my copy of 3 Ships is a total bootleg but aside from the very expensive Japanese import, it is not available on CD. But now Animation is, so maybe 3 Ships isn't far behind. Ebay is full of other bootleg recordings, some of which I have mp3's of. My whole iPod is filled with Yes and JA. It is true, I am the original YesGirl.

*knitting news*
One of my merino/alpaca snocks got a hole in the heel over the weekend. I am so sad because I love those snocks. I examined the other pair and they too are starting to wear thin in the same place. Maybe I should reserve them for sleeping only and not walking around on.
Also, today I finished one Opal snock. It's one of the DreamCatcher colourways which is fairly pretty, but I'm probably going to be hard-pressed to want to even cast-on the second one. I have decided I am not in love with Opal. I have the rest of this ball, and one more full one and part of another one. I will use them as I practice perfecting my Perfect Snock Pattern, but that's it. It's not very soft and squishy. For all I whined about the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino that I hand-dyed and knitted into snocks, they feel better than the Opal. I know me, having just one snock will bug me, so I'll do the other one. And I'll probably hurry, just to Get It Done. But I won't enjoy it.

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Gina said...

Tola you have been busy! Love the pictures of your work, youseem to just get through patterns so well -Godlove Tola