Saturday, October 21, 2006

Maybe if I blog I will feel better

Ennui has hit at Chez FaeryKnits today. I love autumn, and to have to be cooped up inside on beautiful fall days just kills me. Especially when my doing-fun-stuff partner has to work all weekend and I have Friday and Sunday off. If tomorrow is nice, maybe I will skip church. I love church, you all know that. But my favourite days don't happen every day and with winter soon coming, I need to go enjoy the sunshine while it's still here. We'll see . . . . . If the weather co-operates, we are planning on traipsing through a 13-acre corn maze Monday or Tuesday afternoon and gutting punkins that evening. What in the world do I have to have Ennui over? Hell if I know, but I have it.

So, time to count my blessings. With photographic evidence.

About 50 pelicans playing in the air a couple of weeks ago. They were so high up I could barely see them, but they were so loud!

This is what pelicans look like, but this photo is from Spring 2005 when RP and I went to the Great Salt Lake.

I finished BT's snocks and gave them to her last weekend. Not quite so matchy-matchy (to quote the Yarn Harlot) but she loved them, and I guess it was a good thing to have when you're not able to move much and you have a cold house.

Two sets of wristwarmers (with thumbs!) one for me, one for the DD. And yes, the photo of me is the best one of that particular photo-shoot. *sigh*

Me with Nana in a period dress she didn't actually make with me in mind, but it looks as though she had. I feel pretty and I love Nana!

Ever watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? I do sometimes, and Ty Pennington has So Much Energy! And the crew is in Logan this week. We haven't gone to see the house because yesterday when I wanted to go it was raining to beat the band and I was in a crabby mood because my feet were cold and I didn't have the right shoes on. Tomorrow is the reveal, and I believe the show will air on ABC in December. The DD knows one of the children in the family from school.

And I bought my pink paint! Now I just wish I knew how to paint. Will someone help me?

So yeah, I feel a bit better now. Still have the Ennui, and I need to somehow summon the energy to clean out my closets. I miss my mom being more active because she's always pretty good at that kind of stuff. I wish I missed my sister, because she is super good at that kind of stuff. Not that she ever really volunteered to help me with that . . . . . I guess I do miss what I wish she was. Was that cryptic enough for you?

I think I must have low-blood sugar. I forget to eat most of the day. My stomach no longer gives me that "I'm hungry, feed me" feeling and hasn't since 1994 when I almost starved to death. When I have Ennui or I get crabby, I think I need to try to think if I've eaten yet and remedy the situation before I have a melt-down. And honestly, I don't think peanut M&Ms are the answer. Gnome sane?

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