Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Illness . . . Day Three

It's just an end-of-summer cold (and truthfully, I'd rather have it now and be done with it than get sick in the middle of winter) but I am Just Too Busy to get sick. To quote The Grinch: "My schedule wouldn't allow it!" (It's true, I adore that movie. I also love parentheses.) So I dragged my sorry @$$ outta bed and got myself to work at 8am, and instantly regretted it. MW came and sat next to me and told me I looked Awful. I told her I felt Awful, so we were in agreeance (to quote Fred Durst, who is an idiot.)

I should have stayed until 5 or 5:30, but I only made it until 3pm. I stopped at La Tormenda and got some tacos. Wow I think that's my new favorite place to eat for sure! And then since I knew I was off tomorrow, I went and ran most of my errands today so tomorrow I can just stay home and veg out. I went all the way up to Pepperidge Farm, but it wasn't Mint Milano day. By some bizarre twist of fate, I ran into an ex-boyfriend and I comported myself admirably. A lil hug, a lil small-talk, and off he drove again. That whole episode in my life was Just Bizarre and while I'm glad it happened, it still threw me off-kilter for quite awhile, and I try not to think about it. So back to the goodies at PF: huge bags of goldfish (haha, i typed "godfish" at first!) crackers, but they were parmesan-flavored and I only like plain. So I got me two lil bags of the plain, a bag of Mint Milanos, and a bag of Marbellas. Apparently these are new . . . . they looked yummy, and cookies bought at the PF thrift store are $1.25 a bag so you can afford to be adventurous once in awhile. Oh, and I may or may not have gotten four pounds of Godiva chocolate, and I may or may not have already eaten a good handful of same.

And in Smithfield I stopped at the LYS there. I found me some size 7 Brittany Birch needles and the summer's issue of Interweave Crochet. (Yes it's true, I'm an occasional hooker.) I had failed to pick it up when it was at Borders, and there is a way-cool jacket in there that I am sure I can make. I've crocheted for 20 years, I've only knitted since February 2006. But crocheting hurts my hands and knitting doesn't so much.

And then I went and did my weekly Deseret Industries crawl. I found some fatigues, and called up the DD to ask her if she would wear them if I bought them. There was a choice between size small and size medium. They are somewhat adjustable, and I know she's almost the same size as me, so I got the medium. I should have tried to find a large, as these have no wiggle room in them at all. But, they were five bucks, and they are official US Army-issue, so they will wear like iron. I told her she didn't have to wear them to school unless she wanted to, but they are her official play pants, and she is a lower-GI. Ha-ha, THAT was funny!! She is So Hard on her clothes that I just cannot afford to buy brand-new clothes for her. I know she hates always having thrift-store clothes, but I have thrift-store clothes and so it's not like I'm making her do something I wouldn't do myself. I also found a leather jacket (has a tear in it, I think I'll find some pink duct-tape) and a wool sweater to make into another handbag. And my yarn find: 7 skeins of Sirdar Chenille, in eggshell. Each skein priced at $6.95, I got the bag for $3. It may turn into the jacket from Interweave Knits. It is slightly thinner than the yarn used in the pattern, but I think that will make it even more open. And it's not HUGELY different: the yarn in the pattern measures 120 yds/50gr, and this chenille stuff is 170 yds/50 gr. I am going to wind a lilbit off and see if it will take dye.

And then I went home. I fed the DD, I came upstairs and talked with RP for a few minutes, and then I went to bed. 90 minutes later I woke up to sneeze. I took another dose of Claritin and one of Airborne, and I've sat here writing this. I'm going to finish in a lilbit and go back to bed. Since I left work 2 hours early, I should really see about making that up tomorrow. But I know me, I'll get interested in the daily lineup of HGTV, DIY Network, and Travel Channel and I won't move. I really need to get a second receiver upstairs in my bedroom so I can lay in bed and watch, like I did when I was carrying the DD. Speaking of said child, she turns 12 on Sunday. Am I really 37?? I don't feel like I am, I know I don't LOOK like I am. And I sure as heck don't act like it either.

Oh, and I have another FO. I finished DF's scarf that he wanted in trade for making my handbag-display-stand. It took me 1 1/2 days of knitting at work to do, I am embarrassed that it took me so long to get going. I took a pic of him and I'll post it on the FO post soon. And I LOATHE ENTIRELY plastic size 17 needles. I'm not too wild about my Addi Turbo size 17s either, but the plastic are terrible. I want bamboo!

I got some wood size 17's. Apparently Clover doesnt make them in bamboo that big. But that's okay!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Some FO's

Despite everything, I have been knitting. I've even been finishing things. To prove it, here are some photos. Top left, 75% - 25% wool/alpaca socks, two pairs. Top right, Lion Brand Magic Stripes socks for my Faery Swap Sister MoonRose. Bottom, wristwarmers.

There's more, but it hasn't been photographed yet. As soon as they are, I'll edit this post.

*ETA 9/10/06*

Left: DF's scarf. Right: Debbie Bliss Baby CashMerino socks, hand-dyed by me.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Peed in the Woods!

Earthshattering, isn't it?

No, really . . . . . . this is Very Big for me, because I LOATHE ENTIRELY (quoting the Grinch here)

camping in any incarnation, including having to pee outside. This is because of 2 reasons:
A-- I've never been on a good camping trip in my life. Girls' Camp was traumatic, so much so that I never went back after my first year.
B-- When I was married, I was basically on a four-month camping trip, in a third world country. The very fact that I made it out alive still astonishes me.

But, if you're gonna hang with RP, then ya gotta learn to pee in the woods. The last time I was with RP in a place where I had to PITW, I ran across a rattlesnake. I was freaked out; he went and threw rocks at it.

I had So Much Fun today. We went up past Hardware Ranch and went riding on the Polaris Predator. He has been telling me for months how much fun this is, but I've been lamenting the fact that he sold the Jeep awhile back and bought the Predator. I only got to go in the Jeep once, but I had such a great time. And of course you already know how much I love to go in the pickup. But today, it was The Best Time Ever. The weather was perfect, warm but partly cloudy. Hardware Ranch is about 17 miles past Hyrum, and I think the trail we went on is a couple of miles past Hardware Ranch. We rode double, even though the Predator is really only a one-person machine. My arms are so tired from hanging on so tightly. We were up there for probably a couple of hours, and it was so amazing. Of course I forgot to bring the camera, I left it in the pickup. But trust me, it is very pretty. And I saw a couple of trees starting to get their fall colours, so in a few weeks we can look forward to seeing that. This photo was taken after the ride, but you can see the vehicle and the beginning of the trail that we took.
We got back to town and I took a 30 minute shower, trying to get all that dust off. For future reference, do not shower or put on clean clothes (except underwear) if the first big thing you are doing that day is riding. It's a complete waste of soap, shampoo, lotion, and makeup. Brush teeth, wash face, brush hair, and get dressed in yesterday's clothes. Trust me on this one.

At 5pm I left town to go over to his town, because his county fair was starting, and he had entered a photograph. He got a third-place ribbon (which is bogus, because I saw tons of other photographs that weren't as good with second-place and even first-place ribbons on them) and he was a lilbit disappointed. We wandered around the fair some, I got to see the sheepies, we couldn't find any goats. Here's RP with a friendly black sheep.
There was a whole building of chickens and bunnies, but only three Angoras in the whole bunch. Pretty lil guys, though. In the home-arts building I saw a very nice felted bag which had gotten a blue ribbon. But that was the ONLY knitted or crocheted item made with actual wool. Everything else was acrylic! It was disgusting to see all that time and effort put into something made with inferior materials. And I didn't see even one skein of hand-spun yarn, although I know there's a category for it. So very sad.

All in all, a really awesome and fun day. And now back to the real world tomorrow. Yesterday seemed to be all remote-control programming. I hope tomorrow isn't Searching for Satellite Signal day.

I told RP that I think all that bouncing around on the Predator may have bought me some extra time before I have to go see my friendly neighborhood chiropractor. I have a rib that is basically permanently out of place (a lil going-away present from the sperm donor) and it manifests as a constant shooting pain in my right scapula. My chiro is in Shelley Idaho, and when I can squeeze in a visit on my way to see my folks, I do. But it's been a long time since I've seen Dr Jed and I was getting to the point where I was going to have to plan a special trip up for an appointment. But I may be able to postpone it, or at least wait until I am already going up that way. Another reason to love the Predator!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Three things . . . . . . .

. . . . . . have happened since August 6. These three things attest to me that MCM has indeed kept his promise to become my guardian angel.

And I would like to also publicly thank my Faery Swap Sister Believer2 (Linda) for the wonderful and lovely package of goodies that showed up a few days ago. Of course I didn't take a photo because we basically opened it all up and have begun devouring (figuratively speaking) it already. Next time I will show some restraint and document first! And Moonrose, I finished your gift, but I can't just send one little item, so I have to find some more Perfect Things to include. It won't be as big as last time, please understand that my mind has been elsewhere the past few weeks. And also, a big Thank-You to Gina, who has left some comforting comments.

Off tomorrow to spend time with RP out in the hills. It's getting to be fall, the time of year when I have this incredible, overwhelming urge to Be Somewhere Else as much as possible, trying to cram in eight thousand things before tons of snow and below-zero temps make that impossible. I want to go see the trains again, and Spiral Jetty, and other places I haven't seen yet.

Oh, and in case you didn't already know it, I am a heretic. (Sorry Mom, for all those curse-words I inflicted upon you this morning. But that crazy driver really had me convinced I was about to be Gone.) I sanded and shaped my Brittany birch DPNs. Both sets. It took surprisingly little time and I wish I had thought of doing it 4 months ago. I have HATED those cursed Brittanys from the first day I tried to use them. I thought they would be So Handy, being 5" long and all. . . . but the tips are too blunt for my liking (I LOVE the tips on my Addi Naturas) and the finish just drags the yarn down and so I have loathed using the lil buggers. But I am currently making some wristwarmers (out of some lovely 75/25% acrylic/wool Plymouth yarn that I got at the DI in a hella-big bag for four bucks) and the 7" long Clovers are just Too Big, and I don't own a set of Addi Naturas in size 5, and the Brittanys were just There, staring at me. So while I was trying to help the blind lady and her deaf husband program their new remote, I pulled my handy-dandy emory board out of my recycled-wool handbag and proceeded to circumcise afore-mentioned Brittany birch size 5 DPNs. And when I got home, I did the size 3's. I like them now. Not as much as Addi Naturas, but enough to actually use them. And that phone call? 47 minutes long. I finally took pity on her and sent a tech out at no charge to program her remote. DirecTV is going to be so glad I'm switching to a non-tech support team next week. I have never given this many credits in a MONTH as I have the last week doing tech support. And my team-lead . . . . . I'm old enough to be his mother. Yeah, I know. The main reason why I'm moving teams.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So. So. Sad.

And nothing else . . . . . . . . . .

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mark Christopher Matura

6/14/56 - 8/6/06

Good night, good night....
Look at that moon shine so bright.
And tonight he smiles
Especially for you.

Sleep tight, sleep tight.
Know everything is alright.
And tonight I will be here
Watching over you.

Sweet dreams, sweet dreams.
It is never as real as it seems.
And in the morning when you wake up
I will be right here.

Sleep on, sleep on.
For no matter how dark or how long
It may seem that your night is
I will still be here.

So be still, be still
For you know that I always will
Tonight and forever
Be watching over you.

For tonight and forever, be watching over you.
So sleep, little darling, sleep on through.

I will be watching over you.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

More craftiness

This is part of my efforts at dye day earlier this week.

In the original skein

And re-skeined

I love them both and I cannot wait to do more. I did one more thing, but it is still drying so as soon as I can photograph it I will.

Oh, and I now have 342 yds of spun and plied corriedale. I have probably 4 more ounces to spin and ply and then I will start looking for a pattern. I am leaning towards felted clogs.

I finished spinning and plying the rest of the Corriedale. I have 412 total yards. And just in case anyone thinks it's a good idea to wind your last bobbin into a center-pull ball and ply from that. Do Not Do It. Just don't. Very Bad Idea. I had a terribly off-balanced skein when I finished. It has straightened out with washing, but who knows what it will do when I knit with it? And I have 223 yards of dark brown lambswool all spun and plied. Maybe I'll make me some house snocks.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Something to get my mind off other stuff

This is my latest FO, another Paris Loop Poncho, designed by Glampyre, posted on MagKnits. This is the 4th time I've made this, and I love it more and more every time I make a new one. This was made specially for my friend LT from work. She was having a rough week, because she had been overlooked once again for a position on the coaching team. She is very good at her job, and I felt sad that this had happened. To cheer her up I said I would knit her a poncho out of some yarn that she admired (NoBo from wallyworld) if she would just pick the colour. She chose the one that matches her hair almost exactly, and I think it just looks so nice all finished and modeled. The rest of the story is that just three days ago, she was told she had been chosen to move to the coaching team, so instead of an "I'm so sorry you didn't get the position" present, it's an "I'm so glad you got it!" present. A personal note to LT, Thank You for having faith in me and for being such a good teacher. I can't make it without your excellent tutelage.

Watching Over You

MCM, don't leave before I get there.

I love you.